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  • MOQ Live

    MOQ Live premiers the world’s first resident troupe – join us for a never-before-seen experience with mall-wide entertainment featuring 52 weeks of spectacular headline shows on a 360-degree custom developed revolving stage.




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In a dimension taken over by robots, ‘Drummy’ all of a sudden discovers he is lost. Turbines sound and a big drum is struck, symbolizing the ‘Humanoids’ flying over the stage. This dramatic sound of drums continues and suddenly ‘Drummy’ is left alone. ‘Red Friend’ comes to the rescue and a wonderful duet takes him through a playground of the rhythm of life and around the drum towers amongst many dancers and musicians. His new friends help him find his way and transformation into their world, saving him from the robots. 



Come alive with the enchanted underwater sea characters and experience a ‘Pirates’ life through a thrilling journey on the ocean.
Captivating audiences of all ages bringing them into a world of treasures and Pirate ships, through the eyes of ‘Jack’ a ship boy curious about experiencing a Pirate’s life. The Ocean of Adventures sees ‘Jack’ meet a number of interesting and mystical characters along the way including a helpful Sea Turtle.



Mr. and Mrs. Sanders take the audience on an exciting global journey in a hot-air balloon across Asia where they meet a Chinese dragon and fly on to the glamourous and fashionable city of Paris. Until touching down in vibrant Africa amongst a market of sights and sounds. The couple continue their journey through Europe to the hustle and bustle of London and ride on a Gondola around the canals of Venice. Take Off highlights modern forms of transport and the true wonders that can be discovered by travelling the globe. 



The clash of traditional and post-modern circus brings a colorful combination of old and new music and modern beats with an array of circus performances in a cirque of dreams. A mix of earth and water scenes bring a variety of acrobatic movements and a splash of blue, until a carousel transforms the stage into an Italian march. The circus director then brings the stage into a fiery and dramatic scene until it is washed away by a white clown tangled in a balloon.



‘Professor’ takes audiences through his mysterious trek to the unknown ‘Green World’, where the mysteries slowly unfold into the tree of life that is covered in growing plants.
Untamed flowers blossom in a burst of color and the wild and wonderful creatures of the ‘Green World’ come out to play. Insects, reptiles and birds fill the stage accompanied by African animals who lead the audience to an animated finale with a full chorus performance of ‘The Circle of Life’.