Mall of Qatar Masterpieces

  • Mall of Qatar Masterpieces

    We’ve installed art! In total seven incredible artworks light up the Mall, astounding visitors as they venture from the entrance and through the domes.

    The Acrobats:

    With five figures each showing a different artist movement, Mall of Qatar presents the concept of Circus and what a human body perform. The light effects on each figure reflecting on a sparkly (animated) effect.


    The Football:

    Mall of Qatar presents the concept of football competitions and its role to convergence between people. The ball consists of pentagonal and hexagonal shapes, with a similar smaller ball located inside. It includes integrated color scheme of LED lighting, and 4 media screens for advertising and other display purposes. 


    Wall of Egrets:

    Located at the main entrance on the west wall, is the Wall of Egrets. Composed of nine Egrets, the sculpture portrays the internally illuminated birds as they are taking off from the ground, and flying up a cascading wall of water.


    Golden Rings

    At the luxury court through the main entrance, visitors can see two mega golden rings, hung from the atrium glass roof. The Golden Rings is designed to exude maximum luxury and opulence, the seven inner hoops with gold brush coating are placed offset from the center.


    The Pins

    This lighting globe recalls the pincushion used by tailors during the measuring and sewing of custom made suits and dresses.


    The Bow Tie

    the bowtie sculpture is inspired by the type of necktie usually worn by men during important events. It is composed by a cascade of shiny bowties of two different sizes and crystal beads running along wires hanged from a frame installed on top.


    The Shoe

    An elegant, glittering high heel that is floating in the space, representing maybe the most beloved piece of clothing by women. The sculpture is composed by many strings at the end of which hangs blue crystal ball.