• Mall of Qatar Welcomes Guests, Families and Children for a Comfortable, Safe Shopping and Dining Experience

    - Food Court is open with 30% capacity, continuous cleaning and hygiene of the tables
    - Strict hygiene measures are implemented to ensure safety for all Mall guests.

    Doha, Qatar, September 2020: Mall of Qatar is welcoming young guests to its premises while taking the utmost precautionary measures to ensure the safety of youngsters and community, in accordance with phase 4 – stage 1 instructions of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. 

    Reiterating its commitment to the safety of visitors of all ages, the Nation’s Mall took all the precautionary measures needed to maintain a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable visit. All food court outlets, dining areas, and cinemas have undergone thorough sanitization to welcome the returning visitors and serve them in a world-class hygienic and safe environment.

    Emile Sarkis, General Manager of Mall of Qatar, said: “We are thrilled to welcome our young guests again in our Mall. Our children are our blessings, and we have taken all the necessary measures to provide them joyful moments and safe shopping and dining experiences. Besides, other necessary procedures are put in place to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in the prayer rooms, theaters, and at the metro bridge leading to the Mall allowing all visitors to enjoy their time at their favorite, safe and comfortable destination.”

    “At this stage, life is gradually coming back to normal, thanks to the effort and precise plans of the authorities. We want to thank them for their dedication and excellence in dealing with this pandemic,” concluded Sarkis.

    Children can enjoy the full dining and shopping experience along with their parents or guardians at the Mall’s exquisite selection of restaurants and food court. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, youngsters should be accompanied by their parents who must show Ehteraz App green code, conduct temperature checking at the entrances, and wear preventative face masks during their visit to the mall.

    Ensuring high levels of safety, Mall of Qatar is adopting strict standards in the food court. The court is open to diners with a maximum capacity of 30% with 2.5 meters distance between the tables to maintain social distancing requirements, undergo ongoing sanitizing for the tables, trays after each use with designated cleaners at all times to keep continuous hygiene. At the same time, security personals arrange queues at the food court outlets to preserve a safe distance while waiting for their food.

    According to the instructions, playgrounds and leisure centers will remain closed while cinemas are open to guests over 18 years with limited capacity.

    In addition, the prayer rooms for both males and females are now reopened with a limited number of worshippers at one time. Mall of Qatar is providing the prayers with a single-use disposable prayer mat and conducting regular disinfection procedures at the prayer rooms after each prayer to secure the highest levels of hygiene.

    With the reopening of Doha Metro lines with a limited capacity, guests can visit the Mall in the green line again. The Mall formed a checkpoint in the metro bridge at the exit of the metro, where visitors will undergo temperature checks by advanced thermal cameras and show their Ehitraz APP green code to ensure safety.

    Mall of Qatar urges all visitors to follow the instructions at the entrances, to ensure the safety and health of visitors, employees, and tenants. Customers can also collect face masks and gloves from the customer services desks if required. Throughout the mall corridor and hallways, more than 70 hand sanitation stations have been installed, allowing visitors to sanitize their hands regularly. Besides, the Mall installed 80 handrail UV Sanitizers to periodically sanitize the handrails of the escalators and protect customers while moving in the Mall.