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WYCON COSMETICS is an Italian brand founded in 2009. The vision was simple but complex at the same time: to break the mold of the cosmetics market, characterized exclusively by brands that offer products at exorbitant prices, to offer everyone the opportunity to purchase collections of Make-Up, High-quality Skin Care and Body Care, at the right price and accessible to all.
This was the question to which WYCON cosmetics answered with the birth of the first store, offering a totally Made in Italy collection. Response so appreciated by consumers that the brand became one of the market leaders currently present in Italy with more than 200 single-brand stores in the main cities, in addition to the presence in Portugal, Greece, Romania, France, Kosovo, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Serbia, Malta, Switzerland, Georgia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and rest of the Middle East.

Make-up does not hide, rather it reveals your personality. It offers the courage to be yourself. We want make-up to strengthen your character, give you the confidence to break the mold.